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Young Supermodel’s Life Forever Changed (Chelsea Ancona)

A young, aspiring supermodel went on a trip to look at Christmas lights with a friend in December when her life was forever changed by walking into the still-spinning propeller of an airplane.
On Dec 3, 23-year old supermodel, Lauren Scruggs, and a friend took a single-engine plane in Dallas, Tex to view the Christmas lights in the area. The plane landed to pick up another passenger. Scruggs walked in the dark to the front of the plane to thank the pilot when she walked into the still-spinning propeller. The propeller severely cut her left hand and the left side of her shoulder and face. Doctors had to amputate her left hand as well as her left eye. She endured other cuts on her face and a fractured skull.
The pilot, Curt Richmond, is a friend of Scruggs. He left the engine running while new passengers boarded the small plane as he prepared for another trip in the air.
Richmond told air safety officials that he put his arm up and yelled at Scruggs as she tried to walk in front of the plane. According to a National Transportation Safety Board Report, he put down his arm and turned away from her when he thought she had turned to walk away from the spinning propeller.
However, Scruggs may not have heard his warning over the sound of the engine. Moments later, someone on the ground screamed ‘Stop! Stop!’ and Richmond saw her lying on the tarmac. Scruggs’ mother was inside the airport when the incident occurred and called 911.  
The NTSB did not find Richmond at fault for the accident, but air safety investigator Denny Kelly said Richmond is ultimately responsible because he should have shut the engine down.
Scruggs does not remember anything from the night of her accident. She knows she was in a bad accident, but she does not remember how it happened. Once she was taken to the hospital and was stable, some of her first words were, “I love you” to her mom and twin sister.
Since that horrific night, Scruggs continues to progress, along with the support of her family and friends. She has since received a prosthetic eye, and is undergoing intense therapy to recover. Scruggs is learning how to walk, dress herself and shower on her own.
According to her mother’s blog on Caring Bridge, she is doing well, but is now dealing with the emotional pain. On Jan. 27 Cheryl Scruggs wrote, “We chalked up this past week as one of the toughest yet. You would think that things would be on the upswing, huh?…They are in some ways. She is progressing well, physically, but we have now entered into working through the five stages of grief. We have experienced a little of this along this journey, but we now face it head on.”
Scruggs comes from a devout Christian family and is using her faith to help her recover from her accident. Her mom has a Caring Bridge blog for her daughter, which she updates frequently. She often adds in her posts that this recovery process could not be possible without the support of their family, friends and God.
On Feb. 7 she wrote, “We have had some good days and some bad days this past week. But what God reminded me of today is to get back to praying for myself, and for my family, that we be filled to the brim each day with the fruit of the Spirit. Living by the flesh is easy. But living out the fruit of the Spirit takes a dependence on Jesus. That’s the only way we can do it.”
Scruggs and her family recently took their first vacation since the accident. They went to Steamboat Springs, Co. for the weekend. She released pictures with her family and friends for the first time since the accident.
Scruggs was pursuing her dream of becoming a supermodel. She has a fashion blog and had interviews scheduled for New York Fashion Week.
The young, aspiring supermodel continues to adapt to her new life and, through the grace of God, accept these changes and recover quickly.
A Hope Fund has been set up to help the Scruggs family pay for medical bills and other expenses. Anyone wishing to help can visit her page at and search ‘LaurenScruggs.’

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