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Reds start of slow, looking for spark ( Stephen Harting)

The Cincinnati Reds, unlike in the past few years, created quite the buzz in the offseason this past year. After last year’s disappointing season, GM Walt Jocketty decided to go out and make some moves. The first was to acquire young Padres starter Mat Latos for a package of prospects and the enigmatic Edinson Volquez. It was a high price to pay, but the Reds felt they were dealing from a position of strength prospect-wise and couldn’t go any longer without trying to find an ace for their pitching staff. The story that would top the trade happened right before the season started when the Reds signed franchise cornerstone Joey Votto to a staggering 10-year, $225 million contract extension. Whether or not you agree with either move, the Reds showed they were serious about being a competitor, both this year and down the line. 

With the acquisition of Latos, plus returning most of the team that won the NL Central in 2010, means that the Reds face fairly high expectations this season. While the Brewers lost Prince Fielder and the Cardinals lost Albert Pujols, both teams still figure to be worthy adversaries for the Redlegs, mostly based on the perceived advantages in their starting rotations. For Cincinnati, another good season from Johnny Cueto is extremely important, as is a bounceback year from Bronson Arroyo. Homer Bailey must also continue to improve and take advantage of his tremendous potential. Back in 2010, the young Reds were led by an explosive offense, and if they want to return to the playoffs, that will most likely need to be the case once again, despite the improvements in the pitching staff. Joey Votto and Jay Bruce are the staples of the offense, but there are certainly question marks elsewhere. As usual, they are located in left field and at shortstop. Zach Cozart, after impressing in a short stint last season, will be the full time starter, which should be a net improvement, given that the SS position recently has been held by noted non-sluggers Paul Janish, Edgar Renteria, and Orlando Cabrera. Left field is not quite as clear, as some sort of platoon involving Chris Heisey and Padres/Cardinals castoff Ryan Ludwick will be used. In addition to these two positions, comeback seasons from CF Drew Stubbs and aging 3B Scott Rolen could also prove crucial to the Reds hope of playing October baseball. 

On paper, it appears the Reds have a pretty good baseball team, and should be right in the thick of things this season. That being said, the first 10 games, which, to be fair is a VERY small sample size, has been difficult to watch. The pitching has actually been fairly decent, although Latos has struggled in both of his starts. That has been offset by an absolutely sensational start to the season for Cuban fireballer Aroldis Chapman, who is currently sporting a 18/2 K/BB ration in just 10.1 innings of work. It seems blatantly obvious that the spring training plan to put the young left-hander in the rotation needs to be put into action immediately. The offense, however, can only be described by words such as “atrocious” and “anemic”. Votto and the surprising Cozart have been the only weapons, and they have been further handicapped by an injury to Brandon Phillips, meaning “players” like Willie Harris and Wilson Valdez have been playing way too much. Either more so, the description of aging perfectly describes the way Scott Rolen has played this year, and Drew Stubbs has never looked worse at the plate than he has early this season. 

As has been noted, it’s important to remember that they have played 10 games, it’s a long season, and the hits inevitably will start falling. There are worries that certainly have to be considered though. The Reds have appeared to be an extremely impatient team at the plate, and that is not usually the sign of a good offensive baseball team. When the hits aren’t dropping in, you must be able to reach base in other ways, namely through base on balls. So far, Joey Votto seems to be the only Red capable of taking a pitch. Adding this to having a manager like Dusty Baker, an old-school baseball guy who doesn’t know much about advanced statistics and the important of on-base percentage, and you have a recipe for disaster. The pitching, however, does appear improved, as Latos will surely start to throw better, and the bullpen is also improved. The Reds also feature an excellent defense. So it’s been rough so far, but it’s not quite time to stop watching and wait for football season. 


BU Activities Council helps students Fascinate ( Chelsea Ancona)

th Derby festivities right around the corner, Bellarmine students get ready by making Derby fascinators to go with their outfits. Last week, the Bellarmine Activities Council hosted the program, which was a big attraction for some students.

Last Tuesday, several ladies took over the fireplace room with hot glue guns, feathers and flowers to get their head piece ready for the Derby outfit. The BAC Montage Committee hosted the program for the first time and was very pleased with the participation they received from students.

Junior Montage co-chair, Samantha Mills, said, “We absolutely loved this program. We were very excited about it all semester because we thought it would be a fun way for students to prepare for the Derby festivities. Everyone always enjoys preparing for the Derby season, but the famous head accessories can be expensive, so we were glad to be able to provide these accessories for some students.”

Overall, over ten students made the fascinators while being taught by the Student Activities Director, Sarah Fromm. Fromm took care of choosing the supplies for the program and giving students a variety of options.

While some students chose to make their fascinators fun and colorful, other students chose to be more conservative. Senior Danielle Adkins attended the program and had a lot of fun. “I am so excited to wear my fascinator I made to Oaks in a couple of weeks. These fascinators are expensive to buy, so I was glad BAC provided this option for us.”

As some students had experience making fascinators, other students were rookies. However, Fromm and other BAC members provided a lot of help to the students, who were very appreciative. Senior Physical Therapy student, Jessica Ketterer, said, “ I was a little hesitant to make a fascinator at first because I had never made one before. I wanted to learn, which is why I signed up for the program. Fromm and the other BAC members were very helpful and patient with me as they helped me choose colors and think of ideas to help me make my fascinator. I am very pleased with the finished product, and I am very excited to wear it at Day at Downs during senior week.

This program was free for students to attend, as are the majority of BAC’s programs. BAC works hard to provide a variety of options for students when they host programs. With this program being new and successful, there is a good chance they may repeat this program next year.

BAC programs are open to all undergraduate students. Although they are wrapping up their programs this year with the annual Late Knight Breakfast on April 26, they will have many exciting programs planned for students as they return in the fall.


Christian Johns..The Band ( Dante Novario)

hns (The Band) cannot be called, it is ordinary. The local band started playing shows last year and has been gaining popularity ever since. With a sound that can only be described as the finely mixed baby of folk and alternative rock, the one man show is getting a lot of buzz and rightfully so. Christian Johns (The Student) is currently a junior here at Bellarmine University and in the process of obtaining a degree in molecular biology as well as biochemistry. I was fortunate enough to get a moment of Christian Johns’ time and ask him a few questions about the influences for his music and where he will be heading with his musical career.

What influenced you in your past to start a band?

“I’ve been in and out of bands since Freshman year of High school but the best part about all of them was writing and recording music. Sharing the things that my friends and I create, be it music or video or any form of art, is one of the best things about the creative process.”

Why did you want to play the genre that you do?

“After listening to artists like Kirstian Matsson and Bob Dylan create beautiful stories intertwined with powerful yet simplistic guitar, I knew folk was certainly the genre that spoke most towards my songwriting. The song structure provides a steady platform for my lyricism while remaining complex enough to satisfy my want of intricate musicianship.”

What other bands have influenced your music?

“The Tallest Man on Earth / At The Drive-In / Dyad”

How would you describe the unique style of music you play?

“Veiled metaphors over a driving picking pattern. The simplicity and natural sound is certainly a theme in both my style of play as well as the songs themselves.”

Where would you ultimately like to end up with the band?

“Playing for an audience is one of greatest joys I’ve experienced and my overarching hope is to never give it up. I would hope I could still be communicating my songs to an audience, be it folk or some other genre down the road, for years to come.”

Are there any upcoming shows?

“I’m booking a free show on the 28th of April. A lot of local talent, from a progressive heavier sound to a collection of wonderful folk artist, is set to play and I urge anyone interested to make it out to the Old Louisville CoffeeHouse to check it out.”

Where could people find your music to listen to?

“I am constantly updating my facebook aptly entitled Christian Johns (The Band) to discuss when and where my next show will be, as well as progress on my albums. You can also check out the majority of my songs on my soundcloud, which I use as an intermediate to hold my music before compiling them onto an album.”

How long have you been playing music?


“I’ve been in and out of bands since late 2005. But I would say that it only got a kick recently when I started recording music back in August 2011. Soon after I was playing shows as well as experimenting in a few other local bands as well.”

When did you first start Christian Johns the Band?

“Wait! Amendment! I started PLAYING shows in August 2011. I was recording since probably April 2011.”

Anything you would like to reveal about your upcoming plans?

“I’m releasing my second album mid-summer and the release show is something that me and the people helping me are really looking forward to. Expect it to be big.”

So there you have it. If you are interested in checking out the musical stylings of Christian Johns (The Band) go onto or check out his first album for free at If you are a fan of folk or good music in general, don’t miss out on this new star on the rise.


Wikipedia Launches Abortion Terminology Debate ( Angela Holbrook)

Many high school and college students thank their lucky stars for the easily accessible website, while many teachers and professors wish the website would be the next thing hacked and destroyed by Anonymous. Recently, rather than providing solely new facts to be used as filler by some poor procrastinating student, Wikipedia has posed a serious question to its contributors: what, exactly, should we call the two sides of the abortion debate?

Pro-life and pro-choice are the two options thrown around most often, but this implies that there is pro-abortion and anti-choice…which many find offense with. Anti-abortion is okay, but being labeled as anti-choice or pro-abortion has many people seeing red.

“It’s not like anyone likes abortions!” argues Linda Wheeler. “Just because someone thinks a woman should have the right to choose doesn’t mean they enjoy the idea of abortions. Having an abortion is an agonizing and traumatizing thing, but for some women it’s the better option for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean they are going to throw an abortion party, though.”

For this reason, Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee has asked the Wikipedia community to vote on what official labels should be used in their abortion-related articles once and for all. Many people rolled their eyes at this announcement, saying that Wikipedia is just being silly and is wasting their time on this endeavor. There are already terms existent, so why mess with the formula?

The problem with most pre-existing terminology is that they imply that there’s only two sides to the argument. Of course, there are never only two sides to an argument, especially in the case of a topic as controversial as abortion. This leads to labels that are either inaccurate or misleading, and as such often cause more debate than the issue itself.

Let’s look at the term, “pro-life”.

Some pro-lifers believe in protecting all life, no matter how big or how small. This means that just as an embryo is protected and sacred, so are the lives of criminals. To these people, not only should abortion be illegal, but so should capital punishment.

Then there are other pro-lifers, like our good friend Rick Perry. While these individuals believe that a child must be protected from the moment of conception even in instances where the baby will die within minutes of birth or will potentially kill the mother by being carried to full-term, they are less vocal when it comes to those on death row, fighting in wars, or living in poverty and in need of health care.

“Only in America can you be pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-unmanned drone bombs, pro-nuclear weapons, pro-guns, pro-torture, pro-land mines, and still call yourself ‘pro-life’,” says actor and television personality John Fugelsang. Many believe he has a valid point.

Interestingly enough, neither group commonly uses the term “abortion” when referring to itself. This should make for an interesting idea in choices, since once of Wikipedia’s suggestions is that articles reflect the AP style guide and label the two sides “anti-abortion” and “abortion rights”. Many users feel this more accurately represents the current debate, since the abortion controversy has shifted from whether abortions are legal in every state to how accessible they are to women who want or need them. 

Other possibilities include “anti-abortion movement” and “abortion rights movement”, “opposition to abortion rights” and “support for abortion rights”, “support for the legalization of abortion” and “opposition to the legalization of abortion”.

Of course, anti-choice and pro-abortion are not up for debate, despite opposing side’s loves of them.

If you’re interested in voicing your opinion on this issue, head over to Wikipedia and cast your vote for which term pairing you feel is most accurate.


The Woman In Black Movie Review (Dante Novario)

The movie starts with lawyer Arthur Kipps, played by a very reserved Daniel Radcliff, as he is about to depart to handle the estate of Alice Deblow, who was the previous owner of the Eel Marsh, a house located in the middle of a marsh that is only accessible for part of the day. Despite the people of the town’s warnings not to go near the Marsh, Arthur journeys there anyway and starts to unravel the mystery behind the Woman in Black.

The movie starts out simply enough, but quickly descends into confusion and repetitiveness. Let’s get this straight, the movie is scary. There are jump scares about every ten minutes, but it never really develops into anything truly unsettling. The movie has a lot of potential that it never truly sees out. The scariest parts of the movie could almost be credited to the locations and cinematography chosen for the film. The images of a single cross on a deserted marsh or that of the abandoned mansion will not leave the viewer’s mind anytime soon. The film would have probably worked better if its slow build had a decent pay-off at the end, instead of just throwing random jump scares at the viewers with little resolution to the story.

Daniel Radcliff nails the emotional scenes, proving that he can nail a scene given the right material, but seems to fall flat during the scarier parts. Whether he is reviewing his notes, watching children set themselves on fire or noticing that a dead spirits running at him, he seems to have the same, slightly concerned look on his face. I do not know if he was trying to portray that 18th century men were emotionless in face of their fears, but it would have been nice to see some genuine reactions to the crazy paranormal occurrences in the house.

The movie also has many plot holes that make the viewer suspend their disbelief a little too much. How did Arthur find the body of the little boy, which had been deemed “unrecoverable,” in about five minutes?  Why did no one in the town warn Arthur about the woman before he went to the marsh? Why did the woman take her revenge upon the town people, who had nothing to do with her misery? It’s the questions like these that will leave the viewer not fully satisfied with the conclusion and the reason why this movie will likely not fall into the horror-hall-of-fame category.

If you are looking for a movie to go out and have a little fun getting scared at, then check out The Woman in Black. It’s a pretty decent popcorn flick which is teeming with jump scares. Although it never lives up to its full potential, it is not a waste of time and can still be appreciated for the haunting imagery and suspense that it brings to the table.


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