Christian Johns..The Band ( Dante Novario)

hns (The Band) cannot be called, it is ordinary. The local band started playing shows last year and has been gaining popularity ever since. With a sound that can only be described as the finely mixed baby of folk and alternative rock, the one man show is getting a lot of buzz and rightfully so. Christian Johns (The Student) is currently a junior here at Bellarmine University and in the process of obtaining a degree in molecular biology as well as biochemistry. I was fortunate enough to get a moment of Christian Johns’ time and ask him a few questions about the influences for his music and where he will be heading with his musical career.

What influenced you in your past to start a band?

“I’ve been in and out of bands since Freshman year of High school but the best part about all of them was writing and recording music. Sharing the things that my friends and I create, be it music or video or any form of art, is one of the best things about the creative process.”

Why did you want to play the genre that you do?

“After listening to artists like Kirstian Matsson and Bob Dylan create beautiful stories intertwined with powerful yet simplistic guitar, I knew folk was certainly the genre that spoke most towards my songwriting. The song structure provides a steady platform for my lyricism while remaining complex enough to satisfy my want of intricate musicianship.”

What other bands have influenced your music?

“The Tallest Man on Earth / At The Drive-In / Dyad”

How would you describe the unique style of music you play?

“Veiled metaphors over a driving picking pattern. The simplicity and natural sound is certainly a theme in both my style of play as well as the songs themselves.”

Where would you ultimately like to end up with the band?

“Playing for an audience is one of greatest joys I’ve experienced and my overarching hope is to never give it up. I would hope I could still be communicating my songs to an audience, be it folk or some other genre down the road, for years to come.”

Are there any upcoming shows?

“I’m booking a free show on the 28th of April. A lot of local talent, from a progressive heavier sound to a collection of wonderful folk artist, is set to play and I urge anyone interested to make it out to the Old Louisville CoffeeHouse to check it out.”

Where could people find your music to listen to?

“I am constantly updating my facebook aptly entitled Christian Johns (The Band) to discuss when and where my next show will be, as well as progress on my albums. You can also check out the majority of my songs on my soundcloud, which I use as an intermediate to hold my music before compiling them onto an album.”

How long have you been playing music?


“I’ve been in and out of bands since late 2005. But I would say that it only got a kick recently when I started recording music back in August 2011. Soon after I was playing shows as well as experimenting in a few other local bands as well.”

When did you first start Christian Johns the Band?

“Wait! Amendment! I started PLAYING shows in August 2011. I was recording since probably April 2011.”

Anything you would like to reveal about your upcoming plans?

“I’m releasing my second album mid-summer and the release show is something that me and the people helping me are really looking forward to. Expect it to be big.”

So there you have it. If you are interested in checking out the musical stylings of Christian Johns (The Band) go onto facebook.com/christianjohnsband or check out his first album for free at http://soundcloud.com/cjspike1357/sets/effects-and-applications. If you are a fan of folk or good music in general, don’t miss out on this new star on the rise.


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